Winterizing The Home


Winterize the homeWinterizing The Home

Winterizing the home is an important thing to do before the bad weather comes – be PROACTIVE, not reactive!  You can eliminate winter “surprises” if you plan now, and it doesn’t have to break the bank doing it.  In fact, being proactive and issues right away can save money in the long run.  Sometimes a minor repair can turn into a major one if neglected.

Winterizing The Home

caulkingHomes take a beating when it comes to sun, wind, rain, ice and snow.  Develop a fall checklist so each year you can winterize the home consistently.

Look for trouble.  Check the house from top to bottom.  Start by inspecting the roof, with binoculars if needed: Are the shingles failing or worn?  Check skylights, vents and chimneys to make sure they’re still properly sealed.  You may need to access the skylights and vents from the attic to get a closer look.  Chimney’s SHOULD be cleaned once a year.  Imagine your BBQ going 3-4 years without ever being cleaned.  Eventually it will either catch fire or stop working properly.  Chimney’s are no different.  The soot builds up over time!

Winterize the homeClear out your gutters and check for leaks there also.  Drain your outside hose spigots if you live in an area that can freeze.  Some people who have harsh winters even switch their screens to storm windows.  Check the exterior of your siding as well.  Look over the paint and make sure you caulk or repair any gaps around windows, doors, trim and vents.  If boards or siding need replaced, now’s the time to do it and get it sealed back up.

Also, walk around the inside of your house and check for drafty windows and doors.  Door seals wear out over time and may need replaced.

Winterizing The home

When winterizing the home, it’s important to check the basement for dampness on the floor and walls.  Flush your water heater and check for any signs of leakage.  If you use a sump pump you’ll want to test it to make sure it’s working.  Better to test now and be safe, than to test later and be sorry as water is backing up inside your basement.

Clean your dryer vents regularly.  Make sure that paints and flammable materials are not stored near a heat source.  And lastly, have your heating system serviced yearly!  Most heating companies get bombarded with calls during the hottest and coldest times of the year!  Again, be proactive and get it serviced so that it’s always working properly when you need it the most.

Winterize the homeWinterizing The Home

Taking the time to winterize the home will be worth it in the long run.  As the old saying goes, “When it rains, it pours!”  If you don’t take the time now and use preventative maintenance, more and more issues will arise all at once leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

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